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Mental Health and Wellbeing ... In Your Hands


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Giano Johal

BA- Hons
NLP (ABLNP) Wellbeing Practitioner
Qualified Instructor



An advocate of Global Mental Health (MH)
Early intervention in MH is the key to supporting people and ensuring that their individual needs are met.
Primary areas of experience are within mental health awareness programmes by providing direction, leadership, and assessments.

I have an instinct to nurture and develop holistic needs of individuals of all ages throughout my vast experience.

I have been delivering workshops and programmes aimed at promoting physical, emotional and mental well-being.

I am always interested in collaborating on projects, training opportunities, and initiatives that promote wellbeing & mental health awareness and support. Together, we can create a society where mental health is prioritised, stigma is reduced, and individuals receive the care they deserve.

If you are committed to making a difference in mental health & wellbeing let's connect!


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Train as a Mental Health First Aider (MHFAider®) and receive three years of certification, plus access to ongoing benefits.   
This course is ideal for individuals who would like to become an MHFAider® to gain the knowledge and skills to spot signs of people experiencing poor mental health, be confident to start a conversation and signpost a person to appropriate support.​ 
In addition to the course, you will become part of the largest MHFAider® community in England, gaining access to resources, ongoing learning and 24/7 digital support through our MHFAider Support App®, to give you the tools and knowledge you need to carry out the role effectively and confidently, whether that be in your workplace, a volunteer role, or in the community.


Everyone who completes this course gets:

A hard copy workbook to support their learning throughout the course

A digital manual to refer to whenever they need it​ after completing the course

A wallet-sized reference card with the Mental Health First Aid action plan​

A digital MHFAider® certificate

Access to the MHFAider Support App® for three years

Access to ongoing learning opportunities, resources and exclusive events ​

The opportunity to be part of the largest MHFAider® community in England.


Four online sessions 9:30- 3.00 p.m. each day. 

Price £330 per delegate.


Training Dates: July - October 2023

MHFAider®️ Online

Mental Health First Aid Course (2 days)

Please register by clicking onto the links below .


Sep 4-5

Sep 18-19

Sep 27-28

Oct 4-5

Oct 10-11

Oct 17-18

Oct 24-25
06 & 07 Nov
14&15 Nov
22 to 23 Nov
29 to 30 Nov
04 to 05 Dec



I really enjoyed this course and would recommend it to fellow staff members and friends. I feel a lot more comfortable approaching people with my knowledge regarding mental health.

Instructor Rating 10/10


I found Giano very passionate about the subject and she relayed that in the delivery of the course. I enjoyed the course so much. Thank you very much to you for all the knowledge you have given me.


Thank you. It was so informative and the instructors were both so knowledgeable and related each section to scenarios and really engaged with us all. Giano looked after our wellbeing throughout. She kept us engaged in each topic and I never lost interest. I've come away with a much more informed and inclusive approach to Mental Health and much more confident in approaching anyone about it and speaking about the importance of Mental Health, especially in our community.


Avery Smith

It was really good to focus some time on this and feel that I have learnt a lot. I think the 4 shorter sessions was better than a full day as I think a day would have been overwhelming. Thank you for supporting me on my learning.

MHFA course has increased the knowledge and understanding that I already have of mental health. By following the MHFA action plan ALGEE, I now feel comfortable to support family members, friends and colleagues who may show some symptoms of any of the disorders stated in the MH manual, more confidently. Whereas, prior to attending the course, I would hesitate to approach someone and would question myself, I want to help them but don’t know how?The course was well delivered by the instructors Giano and Paul. I am so grateful to them. Thank you

Great instructors - very knowledgeable, approachable, and able to explain things very easily. Regular check points throughout the sessions, health warning given regularly as in if you need a break etc do so, let us know your ok etc. Regularly went back to ALGEE model, manual and workbook etc. Great use of online platform and breakout sessions. Regular check in every session, great inclusion with all participants. Would highly recommend the course and both instructors.


My mentor Giano Johal was absolutely excellent in her delivery of this course she made me feel comfortable and at ease to ask any question .She explained everything thoroughly and simplified areas and gave support and additional home study references .Her delivery of the course exceeded my expectations.I really enjoyed this course and learnt so much more than I expected about mental health and how to assist people in crisis or before.I would strongly recommend this course and hope we have MHFA in all public sectors especially schools and places of work.Early intervention is key to recovery from mental illness this is why this course is so valuable and so needed

Kris Michaels

Giano was a really great instructor. Despite the fact I signed up rather last minute, she sent through all the necessary information and workbook really quickly. She clearly knew the course really well, and was really good at encouraging me to engage, and at explaining things. She checked in with me throughout the course to ask whether I was comfortable with the topic discussed, and to ask whether I had any questions which I found really useful. She also helped talk me through the best course of action for each case study, and ensured that I finished the course knowing what ALGEE meant and how to apply it in different situations. I definitely would recommend Giano to other people - and will encourage my co-workers to also seek this training. She was very friendly and conversational, whilst also being really informative - I'm very glad I took my MHFA course with her and I feel much more comfortable now going into a situation where people may require mental health first aid. I am really glad that I now have this extremely valuable skill.

Kate Little


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